companyLEON SPECIALTY INC. comprehensive line of panic and fire exit hardware for the architectural hardware market provides the public with a means for escape during fire accidents.

The complete range exceeds every building code including but not limited to ANSI A156.3 Grade 1, ADA compliancy regulations, UL three hour fire rating, UL 305, 10C AND UBC 7-2 (1997).

Panic hardware is intended for the installation on single and double outwardly swinging doors.

Fire exit hardware is for the use on fire doors rated up to three hours, pairs of doors same directions or egress opposite directions and the inactive leaves of a pair of doors.

Fire exit hardware will have no provisions for dogging latch on touch bar.

Another added security feature is the alarm kit (optional) for exit which is equipped with dry relay contact that could be connected to mag lock for fail safe, or electric bolt for fail secure applications.

Our passion for providing consistent top quality product and service will assure you that the LEON EXIT DEVICES RANGE is one of the best choices for public safety the hardware industry has to offer.

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