#6100-BTL & #9100-BTL

LEON/MCKIN     #6100-BTL & #9100-BTL Vertical Rod Type Exit Device Less Bottom Rod - LBR

 C4 4 1


LBR No Bottom Strike, Free access for wheel chairs, strectcher and carts therefore eliminates tripping potential and disfguration of floors due to dragging of bootom bolts.
For Doors 13/4" thick standard. 3 3/4minimum stile width required for signle door application. 3 1/" minimum stile width required for double door application. Lever trims available.
Chassis Nonferrous alloy (Panic Grade), steel (Fire Grade).
Cover Drawn stainless steel, steel, or brass. Cover stock hollow metal doors with 161 cutout.
Mounting Furnished standard with wood and machine screws. Thru bolts are standard packaging on fire rated devices.
Alarm Available. Prefix “Airm” before part #.
End Cap Steel construction.
Hand Easily field reversible. Specify at time of order LHRB, RHRB for convenience.
Latch Bolt, Spring Stainless steel.
ANSI standard A156.3, Grade 1.
Rail Assembly Heavy gauge steel, painted.
Strike see strike page.
Dogging Feature Allen-type key furnished standard on non-fire labeled devices.
UL and UKC Kisted All Series for panic. BTL Series for fire exit hardware for all types of 8’ x 8’ double doors including double egress for up to 3 hours metal. Conforms to standards UL 10C and UBC 7-2-1997 codes.
Finish Alum/Duro/Gold
Door size 36"x 84” / 48” x 96” / 36” x 96” doors.


C4 4 2


Touchbar height to finished floor 41"(1043mm) at center
Touchbar projection



Center case 1/2x2 1/x2(216mm x 63.5mm x 52mm)
Device length - Short 3'(914mm)
             Long 4'(1219mm)
2'9"x3'(840mm to 914mm) door size
2'9"x4'(1145mm to 1219mm) door size
Panic grade top & bottom latch case 15/16" x 21/8" x 13/8" (100mm x 52mm x 42mm)
Fire grade top latch case 15/16" x 211/16" x 21/16" (100mm x 68mm x 53mm)
top and bottom rod length for 36" x 84"doors Top rod 43 1/4" (1100mm), bottom rod 37 3/4" (960mm)
top and bottom rod length for 48" x 96"doors Top rod 53 1/16" (1350mm), bottom rod 37 3/4" (960mm)
Vertical rods 1/2(13mm) Round tubing.

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