Dorco-1 /Dorco-2&3

Stop-Applied Coordinators

C1 02


  Dorco Coordinator Components 

Dorco Coordinator Components


Minimilm stop width (Dim. D) for mounting standard series coordinators is 1-1/4". Coordinators are modified for stop widths 1/2" to 1-1/8".

C1 05  stopwidth

Mounting Brackets For Stop Applied Hardware

C1 05   mb4750

MB-4750 Bracket for stops 7/8" to 2-1/4" wide.

C1 05 mb4250

MB-4250 Bracket for stops over 2-1/4" wide.

Select one bracket for each hardware item to be stop mounted, such as parallel arm shoes, door holder brackets. stop spplied vertical rod strikes, etc.


The LEON Cordinator with companion Filler is designed to become an Integral part of the door frame and when painted with frame becomes virtually invisible, It is engineered to prevent damage in case of abnormal force against active door that is held open.

Fillers (F) usually supplied pre-cut from factory. Advise if S dimension is other than 5/8".


Sizes of coordinators

C1 05 stopwidth

Length of Housing






for the Door Range





 C1 06 filler

The No. CBCO hinged Carry Bar is used when it is possible to open the inactive door before opening the active door. It is mounted on the inactive door to open the active door untill it engaged the hold open lever.

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Dorco-2, 61/2"

Dorco-3, 81/2"

 C1 07

Dorco-2 & Dorco-3; BHMA 4.1.1 TYPE 211ANSI 156.3

The coordinators are designed for use on pairs of doors with or without an astragal. Roller arm (Dorco-2-7" projection), (Dorco-3-9") prevents active door from closing before the inactive door.

Gravity action arm and door bracket are adjustable on the job for ease of installation, Rubber roller provides quiet and efficient operation, and helps protect the astragal and doors from damage.

Nylon roller or short arm glides smoothly over door bracket and strike, ensurirg sllent operation.

the Dorco-2 and Dorco-3 are made of forged brass. When inactive door can be opened first, specify CBCO carry bar.

Using door sizes and astragal locations select the device number from list at right:


All paired doors Nos____________shall have (Dorco-2, Dorco-3) Door Coordinators which will prevent the active door from closing before the inactive door, by means of a gravity action arm and roller, adjustable on-site, Coordinator shall have a 7" projection (Dorco-3) and have all-brass construction.

C1 09

C1 08

Door bracket adjustable for ease of installation. Pubber roller provides efficient quiet operation solid forged brass construction carry bar also availabe for use with coordinator to push active door open when inactive door open first helps prevent damage to astragal or other hardware.



Use on pairs of doors with astragal on active door up to 4'

With astragal on inactive up to 3’4”

With astragals on both doors up to 2’10”



Use on pairs of doors with astragal onactive door over 4'

With astragal on inactive over 3’4”

With astragals on both doors over 2’10”


Dorco-2 & 3


2 - #8 x 3/4" truss head metal screws

1- #8 x 3/4" flat head sheet metal screw

2- #6 x 3/4" flat head sheet metal screws

2- #12 x 1" oval head sheet metal screws