6000 Series Strikes & Accessories

Strikes for use with 6100 vertical rod exit device


Standard for 6100. Applied to surface of floor or to a flat threshold. Standard packaging.

 C3 7 1


Applied to surface of stop. No mortise required. Standard packaging.

 C3 7 2


Bottom strike. Alternate bottom strike. Flush mounting stainless steel. Furnished with expansion shields. Requires mortise in the floor.

 C3 7 3

Strike for use with 6000 rim type exit device


For 6000 surface applied. Standard packaging.

 C3 7 4

Strikes for use with 9100 vertical rod fire rated exit device


Standard for 9100. Standard packaging.

C3 7 5


Bottom strike for 9000. Flush mounting stainless steel. Furnished with expansion shields.

Requires mortise in the floor. Standard packaging.

 C3 7 6

Strike for use with 9000 rim fire exit device


For 9000 surface applied. Standard packaging.

 C3 7 7

Overlapping Strike


Surface applied. Used on  inactive leaf for device on active keaf of pair of doors without mullion.

 C3 7 8

Additional Strikes


Lock front filler.

 C3 7 9


Strike filler.

C3 7 10


Glass Bead Shim Kits

801 - For rim tyoe, 1/8" thick

806 - For vertical type, 1/8" thick

812 - For fire rated vertical type, 1/8" thick

When exit device are used with shim kits with outside trim, spindle length thumbpiece and thru bolt length must be increased accordingly.


Cylinder Dogging Kits

Prefix "CD" before part#. Available for all 6000 Series devices except fire exit hardware. Cylinder dogging with a mortise cylinder is located on the mounting insert lock bolt in retracted position. 27" minimum door width is required.

C4 7 11

Cyl dogging Kits Panic Rim & Vert Rod Device

C3 7 12