#5000 & #8000


#5000 Panic Rim Exit Device

#8000 Fire Rim Exit Device

Now Upgraded to Grade 1

An universal Non-Handed Exit Device with Security Guarded bolt, for all applications where labeled doors used as exits, listed

- Panic Hardware in the accident Equipment

- Fire Exit Hardware and UL10C, UBC 7-2-1997 codes

Standard type

 C10 2 1


Conforms to Ansi STD

A156.3 Grade 1

For Doors

13/"thick standard. Also usable on 1 3/8 to 2” thick doors.
(specify when other than 1 3/4” thick).
Door widths from 30” ~ 48”.


4 1/2” minimum stile.


Furnished standard with wood & machine screws and SNB’s.


Zinc or stainless steel.


Steel or stainless steel.

Rail Assembly

Steel or stainless steel.

End Cap

Steel or stainless steel.


Non Handed. Trim reversible.

Latch Bolt

Stainless steel 3/4” throw.

Dead Latch Bolt

Stainless steel 5/8”.


Brass, rim-type, 5-pin, 2 keys.


5/8” stop plus shim for 1/2” stop.

Dogging Feature

Allen-Key. (Not permitted on Fire Rated model).


Removable Mullion & Fire Exit Mullion.

U.L. Listed.

For “Panic Hardware” and Fire Rated model 3 hour for use on doors up to 38” x 86”.

ANSI Standard

ANSI 156.3 - the 5000 series is built to conform to this standard.


Painted: Aluminum, Bronze, Duronodic.
Plated: Highly polished brass or chrome.
Solid stainless steel: Highly polished or satin.


 C10 2 2


Touchbar height to finished floor

41"(1043mm) at center

Touchbar projection

1/2" (64mm)
3/4" (45mm)

Center case

6"x 3- 3/4x 2- 1/2"
(153mm x 94mm x 64mm)

Device length
- Short 3' (914mm)

Long 4' (1219mm)

2'9" x 3' (840mm to 914mm) door size

2'9" x 4' (1145mm to 1219mm) door size